There is always room for improvement playing cricket. As a batsmen there are a few things you can look at, including both mentally and purchasing a new cricket bat and equipment that are more suited to your skillset than those you are currently using. One other thing you can do is to look at a few technical points to try and improve your game that way.

Practice as Often as You Can

As with any discipline, sport or otherwise, practice is vitally important to the development of an individual’s skill set and their adeptness at their craft. Batting in cricket is no different. Plan your sessions, with a coach if applicable, and practice as often as you can.

Work On Weaknesses

After time you’ll understand your strengths and weaknesses well. It is good practice to improve upon your strengths and become the best you can be, but your focus should be on improving your weaknesses. An all-round player will have few weaknesses.

Have Confidence in Your Abilities

You have to be prepared to succeed. Confidence in application can only come from practicing over time. The more you practice the more confidence you will have in playing every shot that you could possibly face. Stay positive and love every single run you score.

Play a Varied Game

You might be really great at one type of shot when facing a cricket ball, but don’t become predictable. The best batsmen practice every shot they can think of, and the different angles they can arrive to, and leave, the bat. A bowler will sniff out not only weaknesses, but also your favourites, so vary things up and give them a surprise.

Understand Bowling Strategies

Once you have faced a bowler a few times you should begin to learn their approach. Also have a viewpoint of what you would do when facing your batting skills and the weather and all other factors that can determine the type of ball that is delivered.

Learn Some Tricks

Practice to always hit a cricket ball in the sweet spot on the centre of the bat, but don’t let that stop you from trying a few different tricks and shots along the way. Go for the hook and long drives. The more strings you have to your bow, the greater a batsmen you’ll become.

Set Realistic and Flexible Goals

Set yourself a goal each time you practice or play a match. This could be to stay in against a certain bowler, to reach 20-runs or to play a certain shot a number of times. Every time you reach a target, shift it slightly so the next time you have something new to reach for. Setting goals is a great motivation in any sport.

Study the Sport

To become the very best in any sport you have to understand the game. Watch as many live and televised matches as you can to learn new styles and to see how the elite athletes approach everything from the warm-up to the match itself.

Lastly, it is important to stay positive at all times. It can be easy to get down in the dumps after a bad result as a team, or if you’ve been caught out on a shot you shouldn’t have made. Always look at defeat as a positive, a learning experience. It will take a few setbacks before you can become the player you want to be.